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5 Books About Snowboarding
That Will be Interesting for You

If you’re looking to really get ready for the new season besides staying fit and checking your equipment, books about snowboarding may just be the thing to really get you pumped. Below are some highly recommended books that will keep you in the right headspace until you actually get to the slopes.

man ski boarding on hill

An Ultimate Guide
to the Snowboard's Types

Whether you like the rugged backcountry terrains or floating through groomed powder, it takes the right snowboard for you to do it right and with much enjoyment. If you are determined, it may take you a short time to learn snowboarding. To avoid purchasing a snowboard with each change of level, the need to get a snowboard that accommodates your progress is understandable.

photo of man skiing on snowy mountain

Types of Skis
That Every Skier Should Know

There are so many Skis on the market it can be hard to know what you need; talk of waist width, rocker, camber, radius and length can leave you slightly confused. Read our short descriptions to help determine what ski will best suit your needs.