Courses We Offer

All Mountain Ski Improvement Course

Our all-mountain camps are designed for intermediate to expert skiers looking to push their skills across varied terrains and deep snow. You’ll explore picturesque places, receive professional coaching four days a week, and enjoy it all with a group of like-minded skiers.

Off Piste Snowboard Course

On these camps, you’ll learn about backcountry and avalanche safety as well as improving your off-piste technique amongst some of the best backcountry terrain.

Ski Instructor Course

Our ski instructor courses are an ideal way to spend a rewarding career break or gap year, kick start a career in snowsports, or just radically improve your own skills.

Snowboarding Tips

Figure Out Your Stance

The next step is to figure out your stance and set your board up. This will mean you are immediately comfortable on your board and give you the best chance of loving it from the get-go.

Get Familiar With Your Gear

Now it's time to get familiar with your gear and figure out how it all works.

Find A Quiet Place To Strap In

Strapping In as we know this can be a frustrating one for new snowboarders. Oh, and it's fairly important that you are locked into those bindings.

Essential Skiing Tips

About us


Challenger Snow Courses are famous for its level of excellence at recreational training skiers, ski instructors and athletes. The courses cater for intermediate, advanced and expert skiers. The concept of the course is building the individual’s skill and confidence to enable them to ski the whole mountain and not to be restricted to the terrain.

Lucas Abel Co-Founder of Challenger Courses